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Violence In Schools

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Academies and the Condem Government

The Academies Bill is an attack on local authority schooling and a severe threat to your terms and conditions. Over 1,000 schools in England have already responded to Secretary of State for Education Michael Gove`s letter inviting them to apply for academy status. Gove`s letter told head teachers that academy status would give them:

• Freedom from local authority control
• Ability to set their pay and conditions for staff
• Ability to change the length of terms and school days
• Greater control over school budgets
• Freedom to spend the money that local authorities spend on their behalf.

These proposals will lead to a weakening of your terms and conditions if your school achieves academy status. To make things worse, academy governors are appointed not elected and they are not accountable to the local authority or to the public - so how can staff expect fairness where democracy and accountability are absent?


The School Support Staff National Negotiating Body, which has promised so much hope for our members, will face severe problems if thousands of schools reach academy status as academies are the only schools excluded from the scope of the support staff bill. For more information or a school visit contact 0345 337 7777 or email:

We must work with the teachers’ unions who also oppose academies; contact the teacher’s rep at your school and organise a joint union meeting for all staff. Adopt a joint position opposing your school adopting academy status. Arrange a meeting with the head teacher and governors and make your opposition clear.

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