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NHS_001_thumb.jpgHealthcare assistants (HCA’s) are the forgotten army of care providers in the NHS and also in the private care sector. Their work is the very foundation of care for patients. Without them, patients would not receive the care and services they require.  Indeed their work is of vital importance. Employers, wards, departments, care homes and other professionals are dependant on healthcare assistants for providing the highest possible care.

However, their contribution is not always recognised and only grudgingly accepted in many organisations. GMB has campaigned long and hard to get HCA’s the recognition that they deserve and will continue to work to improve working conditions and ensure that they get the respect they deserve for the vital work they do.

GMB believes that you should no longer be the forgotten army of NHS care providers, but instead should be recognised as the most important care providers. We will challenge inequality wherever we find it. We are the only union campaigning on your behalf.

All HCS’s are fully committed and dedicated to the care of patients, but what would you do if things go wrong? You are working with vulnerable people and when things happen, you become more vulnerable than the patients in your care. If you need advice or are facing problems at work, GMB members can rest assured that they will be given expert representation and specialist legal protection. We provide the best possible support and service to our HCA members.

GMB Contingent Indemnity Insurance For Health & Social Care Members

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