Trade Union Bill

Trade Union Bill

The Trade Union Bill recently published by the government has one aim in mind, the aim to prevent trade unions and working people having any opposition to this government.  It is no coincidence that the bill is being proposed at the same time as the Chancellor, George Osborne turns the screw harder on people’s incomes, capping public service pay and cutting tax credits, the result of which is driving even more people into poverty.

This vicious bill has several strands that all piece together a jigsaw aimed at crushing any workers’ resistance, if and when the bill becomes law;


  1. All industrial action will be illegal unless there is a turnout of more than 50% and in many essential services the new thresholds will be so demanding that it will make strike action an impossibility.  If workers don’t have the right to strike then they are slaves!


  2. Where a trade union does get a mandate from its members to take action it will need to give 2 weeks’ notice rather than the current 1 week.  Is this really a problem and what is the difference?


  3. The difference is that under this legislation employers will be able to use agency and temporary workers to do striking workers’ jobs and utterly undermine the strike.  The UK will be one of very few countries across the world that will allow this


  4. Trade union facility time i.e. workplace reps/convenors will be reduced or even eliminated under the lie that this is costly and expensive.  The reality is that even local government employers accept that trade union facility time is worth every penny, as it ensures decent harmonious industrial relations which you cannot put a price on


  5. The last and most outrageous proposal of all is to stop the current method called ‘Check-Off’ in the Public Sector, which allows members to pay their union contributions deducted out of their salary.  Again the government says this is because of cost, but why is it then that authorities operate numerous deductions from their employees’ pay i.e. council tax, private health care, credit union etc., and none of these are to be outlawed, only trade union contributions.


Please, if you are a Public Sector worker currently paying your contributions deducted from your wages, contact our regional office on: 0345 337 7777 and we will set you up on Direct Debit.  Do not lose your membership, as under this government, so intent on crushing trade unions and workers, you will need your union more than ever.


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