A Message To GMB Members Employed By Leeds City Council

You may have heard on the news that this Government is proposing to stop all public sector workers being able to pay their union subscriptions from their wage. This is a direct attack on you as a public service worker.

It is also yet another tool against working peoples' rights' from the self named party of the 'working people'!

This Government is determined in its focus to re-balance power in the workplace and ensure that you the worker, lose your voice and your rights.

Instead of working towards poisoning industrial relations, we believe the Government should engage positively with workers and their representatives, for the good of public services and the economy. This move is both unnecessary and vindictive, together we must be prepared to stand and fight for public service workers.

Don't Wait And Allow This Government To Sabotage Your Union Membership!

Ring the GMB Finance Department on 0845 337 77 77 - Call in at the Leeds Convenors Office in Leeds Civic Hall - Follow the link to register on our national website and change your contribution method to Direct Debit:


If you have not already registered on our site simply click the above link and create a password

You can also download a copy of the GMB direct debit application form by clicking the link below.




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