The Deregulation Act 2015 has brought with it devastating effects on the local Taxi and Minicab trades throughout the country. It has created a “wild west” situation in towns and cities in a once highly regulated and safe industry.

It has created an uneven playing field, in favour of global and large companies, having a detrimental effect to the economic livelihoods of local licensed drivers and small businesses. Indeed Safeguarding of the public is now seriously at risk. It is clear there was collusion at the highest level of government with a global company, to bring changes to legislation.

Why the government would want to help destroy good local licensed businesses and the good name of the trade, for the benefit of a global company that pays little tax and no VAT to the UK, is beyond most people. 

Yorkshire Regional Protest. 23rd May 2017 Outside Leeds City Art Gallery. The Headrow, Leeds LS1 3AA 12.30pm.

Various events will be organised in Towns and Cities across the country.  We will be campaigning with local councillors and MPs to bring about the repeal and changes to the legislation, to protect good, local licensed drivers and the services they provide. The campaign themes are:

  •  Protect local Taxis and Minicabs services
  • Stop out of town working and cross border working - change the law
  • Stop illegal touting and false "ply for hire"
  • Create a National Data base for operators and drivers - Safeguarding
  • Enforcement officers to be given the power to enforce "out of town" drivers
  • Call for an Independent Inquiry into UK government collusion regards TFL granting an operators license to a company

It’s time to get organised and fightback. Lobby your local councillors and MPs, get on your local radio stations, social media and write to newspapers, it’s in your and the travelling public’s interests to defend the trade and the good local services they provide.


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