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Whilst today’s figures are great for the ASOS owners, much is built on the back of the warehouse workers here in Barnsley says GMB.

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GMB Union Will Call for An End To Period Poverty at Women’s Conference in Leeds

GMB, Britain’s General Union, which represents more than 300,000 women across the UK will be hosting its annual conference in Leeds this Saturday, 13th October 2018, as part of its celebration of Women In The Workplace.

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GMB Union Calls for A Better Deal For City Council Employees At Its Conference in Leeds

GMB, Britain’s General Union, which represents more than 8,000 members across Leeds City Council will be hosting its annual GMB activists’ conference in Leeds on Thursday, 11th October 2018, as part of its celebration of ‘activists in the workplace’. 

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Union goes on offensive in defence of workers as TUC hits Community Union with £25,000 fine after code breache

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Help Support Homeless Charity Simon on the Streets (Leeds)

Every year Simon on the Streets hold ‘Sleep Out’ events across the region to raise much needed funding and awareness for homeless people. Our region has in the past arranged our own ‘Sleep Out’ in Millennium Square in 2012.

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This new attack on terms and conditions will have a major impact on work-life balance and childcare says GMB.

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To turf 28 people out of their homes, and give 45 dedicated carers the sack with no notice is nothing short of disgusting says GMB

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GMB Union Says It’s Time To 'Show Some Love' To Region’s Struggling Workforce

GMB trade union, which represents more than 640,000 workers across the UK, is set to target non-unionised workplaces across Yorkshire this week as part of its #LoveGMBUnion week, which will see unionised workplaces celebrate the fantastic work that GMB and its army of volunteers do to promote the welfare of workers and improve terms and conditions in workplaces across the region.

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Feeling The Heat? Your Rights At Work In Hot Weather

Long hot summers are becoming standard in Britain. Which is great, of course - when you're out in the park and able to enjoy it.

But not so much when you're stuck at work.

It's not uncommon at the height of summer for offices and other workplaces to record temperatures of 37°(95°F). This makes work extra tiring for employees, and is a potential cause of accidents.

What are the hazards?

Hot temperatures can affect people working indoors or outdoors in a range of different workplaces including offices.

If people get too hot, they risk dizziness, fainting, or even heat cramps. In very hot conditions blood temperature rises. If the blood temperature elevates above 39 °C, there is a risk of heat stroke or collapse. Delirium or confusion can occur above 41°C.  Blood temperatures at this level can prove fatal and even if a worker does recover, they may suffer irreparable organ damage.

Hot work indoors can lead to increased stress and lapses in concentration. These in turn can affect work by leading to mistakes and a reduced work rate and greater risk of accidents. Employees who work outdoors run a higher risk of skin cancer. They may also experience heat stress and heat stroke.

Exposure to sunlight can speed up the ageing process. Sunburn can also occur, and exposure to UV rays can trigger cold sores and lupus. Eyes can also be affected by exposure leading to problems in the long term.

What does the law say?

All employees are protected by law from having to work in excessively hot temperatures.

And to make sure you know your rights, we've teamed up with UNIONLINE - GMB members' law firm - to produce our second Quick Rights legal briefing. 

You can read and download it here:

Our Quick Rights legal advice will come in all sorts of formats, from brief PDF documents, to graphics and videos, but they'll all have one thing in common: professional, qualified legal advice delivered in a timely and easy to understand format.

For a more in-depth look at dealing with hot temperatures at work - and for a printable reps' checklist for dealing with hazards - download our full health & safety guide at

Feeling The Heat Guide.pdf



Celebrate & Defend Multicultural Leeds: Rally & March Saturday, 7th July at 12.30pm

We want to make you aware that we have organised an event to stand against the racial hatred promoted by right wing organisations following one of the leader's imprisonment, Tommy Robinson. His supporters will be marching in Leeds on the 7th July. We will be holding a counter rally and march to both celebrate and defend our brilliant multicultural city and in doing so, we will stand united against racism and fascism.

GMB will be represented at this incredibly important event and we invite you, your family and friends to join us to make it clear that the hatred and violence of such groups is not welcome.

“It is vital that the true voices of Leeds and Yorkshire are heard today; Multicultural, inclusive and tolerant voices which speak for our communities. Trade unions and GMB in particular are supporting this anti-fascist anti-racist rally because the racists and the fascists have no place in Leeds, Yorkshire or in our proud society - we will overcome.”

Neil Derrick GMB Regional Secretary.

Celebrate & Defend Flyer.pdf


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