GMB Congress 2022

GMB Congress 2022 – Motions 

You will be aware that all branches are encouraged to submit motions to GMB’s annual Congress, and it is that body that makes the policies of our union.   

In accordance with the rulebook, motions would need to be submitted to the regional office or to [email protected] by no later than 31st January 2022. 

Congress motions should relate to the union as a whole and should deal with internal questions of governance, benefits and finance, and other general categories affecting the general, political or social welfare of the members etc. 

All motions should commence “This Congress” so that, if passed, they become decisions of Congress. The attached motion form includes these opening words. 

Motions should be worded so that their intention is clear and must be submitted on the attached document. 

In order for branches to check whether their motions are not existing policy, please see the attached GMB National Policy Guide 2021. 

Please use a separate sheet for each motion. 

Attached is a Guidance on preparing motions taken from the “Congress Explained” document, which will be issued to all delegates. 





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