Speak to your workplace representative…

Wherever possible please contact your workplace representative or branch official in the first instance who will usually be in a better position to give specific workplace advice and assistance.

If you do need to contact the GMB at one of our offices (we coverNorth Yorkshire, West & South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire, not East Yorkshire which is covered from the GMB Hull office) then click on the appropriate office link to your left.  You will be referred to the appropriate workplace representative, branch official or full time officer who will respond as soon as possible.

If necessary,  you can also use the form below giving your membership number and as much information as possible such as name, workplace and address etc. This will enable us to identify and direct your enquiry to the appropriate person.

Please note that if you have recently joined GMB and are seeking assistance relating to an employment issue pre-dating your membership, advice only will be given rather than full representation.

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