Equality & Inclusion Questionnaire

GMB Dignity & [email protected]

GMB Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region is fully committed to eliminating all forms of discrimination and ensuring that equality of opportunity in employment for GMB staff and for all of our members in the Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region. We believe that where an ethos of equality and inclusion exists, the working environment becomes more open, the very basis of ensuring an environment where discrimination, harassment and prejudice are eliminated begins with GMB Dignity&[email protected] 

We will work to ensure that the GMB promotes and maintains inclusivity and support at work, and in particular, by implementing GMB Dignity&[email protected], we can be assured that all GMB Staff and members will support and assist us all to achieve our full potential. It is the responsibility of us all to promote and achieve an inclusive and supportive environment. 

GMB Dignity&[email protected] is everyone’s responsibility. The most productive working environment is one in which all employees feel valued and are treated with respect and dignity. Where this is in place, complaints and disciplinary hearings are a thing of the past. Just as importantly, sickness and absence levels are dramatically reduced. It is clear that ethical behaviour encompasses the concepts of honesty, integrity, diligence, fairness and trust. It will therefore make a significant impact on avoiding conflict. 

We should all be aware that we live in a multi cultural world where we can embrace the differences of others. Every individual has their own strengths and weaknesses, this is what makes us different and these differences should be valued and used to encourage inclusivity. 

To assist our efforts, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. Any information provided is totally confidential and will be used only for monitoring purposes.

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Equality & Inclusion

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