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GMB Launch Safeguard Campaign To Tackle Attacks On Security Staff At Work


A brand new GMB website has been launched where security guards can log details of attacks they have suffered at work. In the past 2 years 1,550 security staff working for just 35 companies out of 600+ companies have been injured on duty by violent attacks - some very seriously. GMB, the main union for security staff has launch a new SafeGuard campaign to tackle the increasing number of attacks on security guards at work.

GMB is asking all Britain’s security companies to sign the GMB SafeGuard Charter committing them to act to tackle the attacks on 350,000 licensed security staff in the course of their work. GMB members who work as Security Officers launch this GMB SafeGuard campaign as a direct result of the increased abuse and violent attacks that they have seen, dealt with, or been subjected to in recent times.

GMB Safe Gaurd Charter.pdf
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CVIT Attacks Campaign – Parking and Access Form

The latest figures from the British Security Industry Association show that the proactive partnership work between the Home Office, Police, the GMB trade union, and the banking, retail and security industries to reduce cash-in-transit crime is continuing to bring results.

If this affects you then please take the time do download the Parking and Access form so that we can collect information on parking fines, as part of the on-going CVIT Attacks Campaign.

Parking and Access Form.pdf


GMB is the leading Trade Union in the security industry and is recognised for bargaining by many companies including Securitas. GMB has a National Recognition Agreement with Securitas for collective bargaining, and many GMB members already work there.


GMB members have recently achieved a new structure of Local and National Negotiating Committees that give you a say, a proper organised process for dealing with issues that matter to you and effect you at work. GMB Workplace Organisers continue to work hard to improve employment standards, training, and pay for GMB members they represent in each Securitas workplace.

GMB members’ voice is vital in bargaining pay and conditions at Securitas and that needs you to play your part as GMB members. If you are not a member of GMB join on line at, or fill in and return the form on the back in the freepost envelope.


Security Industry Bulletins

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