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Health Services Under Strain Says The Kings Fund Report

Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer for NHS said, “The electorate will heed this assessment that the NHS performance is deteriorating and the service is in the red as election approaches. The Kings Fund highlights the serious consequences of Tory and Lib Dem mismanagement of the NHS. It makes crystal clear that the government’s chaotic reorganisation has added to the pressures the NHS is now facing. David Cameron’s Health and Social Care Act was a purely ideological vehicle for marketising the NHS. The health service will not recover until this pernicious piece of legislation is scrapped. Only this government could be unaware of the growing NHS crisis. The Kings Fund plainly states that many hospitals are operating at the limits of their capacity. It points to targets missed for waits for A&E, cancer treatment and admission to hospital, to more and more NHS trusts falling into the red, and a host of other indicators of a system under strain.

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Pressure On School Budgets Means Drop In Quality Of Education And Job Losses

Avril Chambers, GMB national officer for school support staff said, “GMB is alarmed that if the additional pressures on schools budgets is not taken seriously and addressed immediately by the incoming Government there will be long term consequences. Cuts will lead to a deterioration of the quality of education our children receive, but also to massive job losses for Teaching Assistants and all other school support staff, all of whom are vital and integral to improving the learning environment and educational outcomes of our next generation.

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Councils To Enforce National Minimum Wage

Newham Council, in partnership with GMB, today (24th March) publish a report called “Pay By The Rules”  which demands that Government allows local authorities to use their local knowledge and expertise to tackle exploitative businesses who fail to pay the National Minimum Wage (NMW). The Labour Party has committed to local enforcement of the NMW being included in their general election manifesto and the report outlines how that can be achieved. The publication of the report coincides with the release by BIS of the names of a further 48 employers named and shamed by BIS for failing to pay the national minimum wage.

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GMB Members’ 3 Day Strike Over Union Rights and Cuts At Arla Foods

Milk supplies to North of England supermarkets of Tesco, Aldi, Morrison and ASDA face disruption unless a 3 day strike by 100 drivers, who recently transferred from Leeds based Arla Foods to haulage company Moran Logistics, is averted. These members voted overwhelmingly for strike action in a dispute over union rights and cuts to pay and conditions. Notice has been given that the strike action will commence at one minute past midnight on Wednesday 1st April until one minute to midnight on Friday 3rd April, i.e.72 hours.

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GMB Shocked At BBC Allegation Of Fake SIA Security Licenses

GMB, the union for workers in the security industry, reacted with shock to allegations that will be aired tonight on BBC One’s Inside Out London programme at 19.30 that thousands of licensed security guards could be working in the UK fraudulently after buying fake Security Industry Association licences (SIA) and training for cash.

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South Yorkshire Firm A ‘Serial Safety Offender’

A Rotherham-based metals business has been sentenced after it repeatedly risked workers’ lives by making them use dangerous machines – notching up a shocking 31 enforcement notices for safety breaches in just three months. Sheffield Crown Court was told that Meadowbank Vac Alloys was a serial safety offender. It allowed employees to operate vehicles and plant with category ‘A’ defects, the highest possible level meaning ’immediately dangerous’, and continued to keep the machines in use even after being specifically prohibited from doing so by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

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Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt Ran Scared From Leeds GMB Protest In Support Of NHS

He got out of his car, walked into the centre, shook a few hands, walked out again, got back into his car and that was it and he can’t have been there more than 30 seconds says GMB.


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General Election 2015

Visit this page for details of campaigning in the key seats within Yorkshire & North Derbyshire Region.  We would strongly encourage all members to help campaign in their nearest key seat as these will be seats that decide the outcome of the next General Election.  We know there may be a lot of calls on your time but with not long to go to the election we are asking you to help us with a last push to get Labour MP’s elected in these seats.

Even if you’ve only an hour to spare and you may never have campaigned before, you’ll be made very welcome and offered support.  We will be updating this site regularly with campaigning dates / times / events across our region and we hope to see as many of you on the campaign trail!

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Leeds North West Pizza & Politics - 30th March 2015.pdf

GMB Register to Vote 2015

GMBs Response To Today’s Visit By Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, To Medical Centre

GMB’s response to today’s visit by Jeremy Hunt to Pudsey Medical Centre. Trade Unions will be demonstrating outside Robin Lane Medical Centre in Pudsey today at 2.30pm as Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Health, has the audacity to turn up after yesterday’s budget in which he offered nothing on the future funding of the NHS.

The result will be, more people paying to see their GP, longer waiting lists and more privatisation: in effect, the end of the NHS as we know it.


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