GMB Congress 2019: Visitor Tickets 9th June - 13th June 2019

Any GMB branch in the region wishing to apply for visitors' tickets to this year's Congress can do so in writing to GMB Wakefield by no later than Friday, 8th March 2019. Branches should be aware that visitors attending Congress must do so at their own expense and make their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Please remember when making the application for the visitors' tickets to give the name, address and telephone number of the visitor.

There are special visitors' tickets available that will allow access to the Private Session of Congress (if one is scheduled), but these can only be allocated to fully financial members of GMB. Please indicate on your application which ticket you require.
Any visitors with disabilities, who require special provisions, should indicate such on their application.
Copies of the appropriate Congress documents will be made available at Congress.


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