Rehana Azam, GMB National Secretary for Public Services, responding to comments in the Budget on public sector pay.

“On public sector pay, Philip Hammond has lived down to our low expectations.

"He sounded like he was trying to deliver an 'I have a dream' speech, but the pay cap remains a living nightmare for our dedicated public sectore workers.

"The small print of the Budget reveals that pay awards are likely to be further delayed next year, potentially leaving millions of families out of pocket.

“Public sector workers need a real increase in their wage packets – not yet more empty words from a hopelessly out-of-touch Government.

"Last week the Chancellor ignored 1.4 million unemployed - today he ignored the more than four million public sector workers who are not employed in the NHS.

“The Department for Health is due to submit its evidence to the NHS Pay Review Body for the 2018/19 pay round within the next fortnight but the Government still does not have a public sector pay policy.

"This Budget makes a mockery of the Pay Review Body process.

"Ministers claim they've ended the public sector pay cap, but in reality it won't have been lifted until we have centrally funded pay rises for all public sector workers.

“Our public services are at their breaking point. Enough is enough – all public sector workers must get the real pay rise they so desperately need.”


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