You may have read in the media that GMB Union won the Employment Tribunal case against Hermes for Lifestyle Couriers regards their employment status.

There is a lot of interest from lifestyle couriers, with many joining the GMB Union on a daily basis. Many who also have friends and family that work for Hermes. They too are also registering to take part in the claim for “worker status”.

  1. If you are not yet a member of GMB Union, you need to join now, and go to, have your details ready, it takes about ten minutes.
  2. You will be given a temporary membership number. When also registering online, don’t forget to put that you work for Hermes in the self-employed tab as a courier.
  3. Then you can contact your local GMB Office (go to GMB website for details – and contact your local GMB Regional Organiser.
  4. Indicate to your GMB Regional Organiser that you wish to also join the claim for worker status.
  5. Your GMB FTO will then register your case with our lawyers who in turn will be in touch to assess your case and advise you further.

Please get the word out there. More and more Hermes couriers are joining GMB. Don’t lose out on pay protections, holiday pay and back pay, breaks and other benefits. However if you do not join GMB Union your case will not be supported.

GMB never releases our members’ names and information to an employer.

There is a good online forum, where couriers from Hermes and other companies can gain information and talk to each other.

Don’t delay, Join our Growing Movement for Couriers, Join GMB Union Today!


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