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GMB - The Union for School Support Staff

 GMB Reps Circular - 25th September 2017.pdf

Parliament Research Briefing.pdf

Cuts in Education

Petition For School Visit.pdf

Cuts Petition For Photo Op.pdf

Education Cuts Flyer.pdf

Individual Petition.pdf

Violence In Schools

Violence in Schools - Key Demands.pdf

Pledge Card.pdf

Violence in Schools Poster.pdf

Violence in Schools flyer.pdf

Violence in Schools flyer2.pdf

Violence in Schools Survey.pdf


Academy Conversion Policy.doc 

Schools Academies Organising Policy.doc


School Support Staff Bulletins

School Staff Bulletin - February 2019.pdf

Schools & Academies Newsletter - Spring 2019.pdf

Schools & Academies Newsletter Issue 3 - 2018.pdf

Schools Newsletter - June 2018.pdf

Schools Newsletter - May 2018.pdf

Schools & Academies Newsletter Issue 2 - 2017.pdf

School Workforce News - January 2015.pdf
Joint Guidance On PPA Cover And Staff Deployment September 2013.docx
GMB@School Stop The Bully.pdf
Petition To Save Teaching Assistants.pdf
School Workforce News - July 2013.pdf
School Workforce News - April 2013.pdf
School Workforce News - October 2012.pdf
School Workforce News - September 2012.pdf
High Education Support Staff.pdf
School Workforce News - July 2012.pdf
School Level 3 July 2012.pdf
School Workforce News - June 2012.pdf
Asbestos in Schools.pdf
GMB@School May 2012.pdf
School Workforce News - May 2012.pdf
School Workforce News - February 2012.pdf
Medicine Survey 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - October 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - September 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - July 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - June 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - May 2011.pdf
School Workforce News - March 2011.pdf
Minutes of the School Support Staff Meeting - 20th Jan 2011.pdf
Cuts & Academies.pdf

Further Education Bulletins

Workforce News Further Education Bulletin Feb 2012.pdf



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