Industrial Strategy 'Unfunny Joke'

GMB General Secretary, Tim Roache, Criticises 'Joke' Industrial Strategy.

Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: "Greater productivity through technological advances could mean a better work-life balance, allowing working people have more time with their families and retire earlier and enjoy our older years.

“Or it could also mean fewer jobs, more wealth concentrated in the hands of the richest and a route to even further casualisation of the workforce, much as we have seen with the likes of Uber - old fashioned exploitation in new digital clothes.

“If this paper is really leading us down the path of a gig economy care sector - after completely failing to address the care crisis in the Budget - it beggars belief.

“What we need in the care sector is better pay, greater job security and recognition of the vital role carers do.

“To suggest what we need are 'new business models' in care as part of an industrial strategy is an unfunny joke from a Government that just doesn't get it.

“Social care needs funding, not a business growth strategy - treating the care of our most vulnerable as a business has already brought the sector to its knees.

“The Government needs to clarify exactly what it means and start investing in a publicly run care system that works for care workers and the people they look after."


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