1,270 Jobs May Go At Barnsley MBC

3 Nov 2010

Barnsley Council has told GMB that a total of 1,270 jobs are now under threat across the council over the next four years as a result of the Comprehensive Spending Review announced last month. The jobs cuts are across the board with particular impact in adult social services, neighbourhood services, community safety, youth services and back office education staff. The council has 5,000 plus non teaching staff.

The council had already issued last month a statutory advance notice of redundancy (HR1) for 335 job cuts for 2011/12 but they have advised GMB that this number may now have to rise to 638 jobs for next year owing to the cuts being more severe than the council were expecting. Barnsley Council were expecting cuts of £40m but the figure is £48m over 4 years due to the loss of the Working Neighbourhood Fund of £7.8m.

The council are proposing that as an alternative to reduce the job losses by between 300 and 400 that staff consider cuts in terms and conditions of employment. The council has put forward a pay cut of 5% across the board or a 2 hours per week reduction in working hours from 37 to 35 with a loss of pay. The council want to stop sick pay for first 3 days of all absences. They want cuts in shift pay and overtime premium payments and enhancement for weekend working. If the cuts to terms and conditions are accepted the council has offered that there will be no compulsory redundancies in year one.

The council are writing to all staff inviting them to departmental briefings to discuss the proposals and will have talks with the trades unions.

Paul Wade GMB Regional officer said “These are devastating cuts which will have a severe impact on jobs and on services in Barnsley. We are at an early stage in the consultation period. I do not think that the council are engaged in enough meetings with the unions and the workforce to enable us to work constructively through these massive cuts. I am meeting with GMB shop stewards and members to discuss the proposals and get our members views on what they want GMB to do.”