2011 Pay and Conditions Negotaitions for TICA

2 Aug 2010

GMB met with the employers on 27th July 2010 to discuss the 2011 pay and conditions negotiations for the Thermal Insulation industry. The employers had previously indicated a pay freeze for 2011 which would have left our TICA Agreement further behind the NAECI Rates of Pay.

GMB complained to the employers’ representatives that the conduct of these negotiations left a lot to be desired and that it was unacceptable that the employers group had made a decision on 24th June 2010 that a pay freeze was still the only offer being made. This was not sent to the GMB National Secretary until the Friday before the meeting which did not allow any time to hold discussions between the Trade Union side. We believe this was a sharp practice. Trade Union side informed employers that a pay freeze was unacceptable and that industrial action was certain to take place with GMB fully committed to support our members.

We also pointed out that whilst GMB would always conduct a legal ballot the employers should not be surprised if our members were so incensed by the attitude of employers that they would take matters into their own hands. The employers would be responsible for an unofficial action.

After a further frank exchange of views the employers requested an adjournment during which time they offered a corridor discussion with the Officer which was refused.

After a lengthy adjournment the employers made the following offer:

TICA Wage award proposal for 2011:

- 1.91% increase in basic rate, rising to £12.25/hour (current rate £12.02)

- 1.85% increase of overtime calc rising to £11.00/hour

- 2.056% increase of holiday pay £117.60/day (based on 48hr week)

TICA Wage award proposal for 2012:

- Basic rate £12.50/hour- 2.04% increase

- Overtime calc £11.25/hour- 2.27% increase

- Holiday pay £120.00/day

The Trade Union side adjourned to consider this offer. After a short adjournment the Trade Unions rejected the offer and made a counter offer to settle the 2011/2012 Pay negotiations.

The employers after a further adjournment came back and requested more time to consider the Unions’ proposals for 2011 but under the circumstances they thought a one year deal being most appropriate. The employers would come back after they have consulted with their members.

The Trade Unions pointed out again they were not prepared to accept less than the NAECI increase which came into effect from 1st January 2010. The Employers’ secretary agreed to contact the GMB National Secretary with results of the consultation.

As soon as this happens I will report back to the Trade Union Negotiating Committee for their decision.

Yours fraternally,

Phil Davies

GMB National Secretary- Manufacturing Section