Community Event Leeds Monday, 31st March 2014 at 5pm

21 Mar 2014

The GMB union is holding an event in conjunction with the West Yorkshire Asian Community at Woodsley Road Community Centre in Leeds at 5pm on the 31st March 2014. The event is aimed at cementing relations between the GMB union and the Asian Community in West Yorkshire and building on a series of projects that the GMB have organised in recent years.
The event is expected to attract over 400 attendees including the Leader of Leeds City Council, Keith Wakefield, councillors, Imams and community leaders from Leeds, Bradford, Kirklees, Wakefield and Calderdale.

The GMB has provided community training and a number of learning centres in conjunction with its Yorkshire Professional Drivers’ Association which is made up of mainly private hire and hackney drivers.

Leeds City Councillor and branch secretary of the association, Javaid Akhtar, said: “This is a community event but it’s also political, it’s a gathering of influential leaders from our community under the umbrella of the GMB union. We will be fighting in the Local and European Elections in May for all the people in Leeds and West Yorkshire who have suffered from the cuts imposed on Northern Councils by the Con-Dem Government. The introduction of the Bedroom Tax has hit the most vulnerable in our society and we are getting together to build a resistance.”

Tim Roache, GMB regional secretary, commented: “The GMB has been in existence in one form or another since 1889 and we have always worked in and with our local communities, 125 years of helping working people organise themselves to stand up against inequality. The GMB will assist those in our society who are treated unfairly, who suffer from discrimination and prejudice.”

A report by the European Network Against Racism Director, Micheal Privot, states that the ongoing financial and economic crisis that Europe has faced over the last 6 years has worsened the situation for minorities. For example, in the UK people with foreign sounding names are a third less likely to be short listed for jobs than people with white British sounding names. Even when they are in a job, ethnic and religious minorities continue to face unequal treatment, lower wages, glass ceilings, difficult working conditions, zero hours contracts and harassment.

The event will be held at Woodsley Road Community Centre - 64 Woodsley Road,  Leeds,  LS3 1DU

For further comment or details please contact Javaid Akhtar 07830243149, Tim Roache 0845 337 7777 or Bill Chard 07958156838