Sheffield Lobby of The Council Budget Setting Meeting Fri 1st March 2013

27 Feb 2013

The Joint Trade Unions and Community Campaigners invite you to join us at a Lobby of the Council Budget Setting Meeting on Friday 1st March 1pm-2pm, outside Sheffield Town Hall.  Guest Speakers have been invited.  The lobby has been organised in an attempt to get Sheffield City Council to drop their plans to change staff terms and conditions, decimate Early Years services, close Children’s Centres, Libraries and Sports Centres across the city. These closures will have a devastating effect on the people of Sheffield and will result in significant job losses.

UNISON, GMB and UNITE, the Joint Trade Unions, are also holding an all members meeting for Council employees on:

Tuesday 5th March - 5pm
at the Library Theatre
(Rear of Central Library)

Jointly we are opposing the Council’s proposed cuts and changes to terms and conditions, therefore it is vital that members make every effort to attend this.

It is now becoming increasingly clear that the cuts that we face in Sheffield in the next 2 years will threaten the very fabric of our City. Our Childrens Schools are being encouraged to become independent businesses. Libraries, Leisure centres, Childrens centres and museums are all set to disappear at a rate of knots and the rest of our public services along with Care is up for sale. It’s also increasingly obvious that the main stream political parties are offering little alternative to austerity or resistance to these divisive attacks.

This meeting has been called to enable our activists and members to come together to hear from speakers from across the public sector union movement in Sheffield and to share their views as to what we can do to fight back.

Join the GMB online at or phone us on 0845 337 7777