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8 Sep 2010

Vote Ed Miliband – GMB’s choice for Labour Party leader

GMB is supporting Ed Miliband in the Labour leadership election.  The GMB Executive Council has heard from all the candidates, quizzed them about issues that matter to our members, and the CEC is certain that Ed is the right person for the job.

Ed Miliband is committed to British manufacturing and working people. He will tackle the unfairness of city bankers paying themselves millions in bonuses. And he will fight this coalition as it tries to slash the public services we rely on. Ed Miliband will change Labour. That’s why the GMB asks that you vote for Ed Miliband.

Ed Miliband is the only candidate who understands how much Labour needs to change. He will end the division and posturing of the past. He will end the era of New Labour technocrats. And most importantly for GMB members, he will return the party to its values.

The new government has lost no time in beginning the process of dismantling our public services. We need a strong, decent, honest leader of the Labour Party to fight for our families, our jobs and our future. Ed Miliband is the candidate who will deliver for GMB members.