Anger At Pensions Contribution Rise

8 Mar 2012

GMB have attacked the government for publishing details of increased contribution rates for NHS pensions even though the bitter dispute over public sector pensions remains unresolved.  A written statement from health minister Simon Burns said ‘increased rates for members of the NHS Pension Scheme in England and Wales would apply from April 1’.
Rehana Azam, GMB National Officer, said: “GMB members are outraged that whilst negotiations are going on to determine the future of the NHS Pension Scheme, the Government has unilaterally decided to impose unaffordable increases to contributions, as set out in today’s ministerial statement.

“These increases, coupled with the moves to force health workers to work longer, seriously threaten the ongoing viability of the pension scheme.  GMB members in the NHS and the rest of economy are even more outraged that this statement should be laid on the same day that the Health and Social Care Bill is likely to reach the final stages in Parliament. The Government has been warned that this Bill sets the wrong course for the National Health Service and staff.

British people will not forgive the Tory and Liberal parties for undermining the National Health Service, which is the pride of our nation.”