Attempted Citizens Arrest Of Blacklist Boss

3 Mar 2014

The Blacklist Support Group has attempted to serve a Citizen’s Arrest Warrant on Callum McAlpine, the first ever chair of the covert and illegal blacklister the Consulting Association. The arrest bid on Friday 21st February 2014 - the fifth anniversary of the raid on the Consulting Association by the Information Commissioner’s Office - took place at the Sir Robert McAlpine Ltd London offices.

Callum McAlpine admitted to a parliamentary select committee this was the venue for the first and subsequent Consulting Association meetings. Blacklist Support Group members combed the corridors in an attempt to serve the notice. McAlpine staff approached by the campaigners claimed Callum McAlpine was not in the building. Despite repeated requests, no senior figure from the company emerged to meet with the activists, who say they were attempting to enforce the law. A fleet of police vans turned up at the offices near Hyde Park Corner to deal with the disturbance.

The blacklisting campaigners point out that no director or senior manager has faced charges for what is an undoubted employment law and human rights offence. Over the same period, phone hacking of celebrities has led to a series of prosecutions. The campaigners add that while the celebrity victims of phone hacking certainly suffered a breach of privacy, blacklisted workers endured this and were denied work as a result. The consequences of the blacklist were usually devastating and sometime fatal, they say. A new Families Against Blacklisting Group has been created to give the partners and children of blacklisted workers somewhere they can find support and share advice.