Big Bonuses For Death Pit Bosses

1 May 2010

Releasing its annual financial results on 26 April, UK Coal confirmed that chief executive Jon Lloyd and executive director David Brocksom would receive no bonus relating to health and safety - one of five remuneration target measures - in light of the ‘poor operational performance of the business’. SHP Online reports that Mr Lloyd did, however, receive a bonus of £36,000 in respect of a personal performance target, while Mr Brocksom was awarded a bonus of £21,120. Their annual salaries - £375,000 and £234,675 respectively - were frozen. The financial report made no reference to the deaths - they are mentioned briefly in an accompanying results presentation - but did say ‘the appointment of a dedicated, executive level, Safety Director’ was among measures that ‘hold the potential to transform the safety, performance and profitability of our deep mining business, and we shall continue working hard to these ends during 2010 and beyond.’ SHP Online reports the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has brought 10 charges for alleged breaches of health and safety legislation against UK Coal Mining Ltd following four deaths in separate incidents in 2006 and 2007.