Breakdown In Remploy Pay Talks Over Proposed Unfair Distribution Of 1% Pay Rise

10 Aug 2009

At pay talks last week the company were informed that the workforce had rejected the company offer of 1% in a consultative ballot by 4 to 1. The trade union asked that the company look again at the interpretation of the Treasury pay guidelines and that they pay the 1% pay rise as a flat rate to all workers. The company refused to do this.

Under the company proposals the lower paid workers would receive a pay rise of £2.50 a week while a senior manager could get between three and six times that amount. The trade unions have given notice that they are withdrawing co-operation in protest at these proposals and will ballot certain members for action to secure a better pay deal.

Phil Davies, GMB National Secretary speaking on behalf of the joint trade unions said “This is a disgraceful position the Company have taken. Trade Unions and their Members appreciate difficult trading conditions but find it hard to accept that over 400 managers will receive between 3 and 6 times the monitory amount of increase. If there is pain to be shared throughout the Company than it should be on an equal basis.  Why should disabled workers be offered a miserly £2.50 a week when some managers will receive over £20 per week increase. This shows the greed that has now crept in to the British industrial economy. It is just as bad as the high bonuses paid to bankers.”