Britain Needs A Pay Rise - GMB Members March To End Poverty

21 Oct 2014

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GMB Members Marched On Saturday 18th October In London, Glasgow And Belfast For Decent Pay Rises And Economic And Social Justice.

Members have faced imposed pay freezes or derisory pay offers which do not bring earnings up to the levels that were lost during this long running recession says GMB.

GMB members with flags and banners attended marches and rallies in London, Glasgow and Belfast on Saturday 18th October in support of decent pay rises for all workers and for economic and social justice.

The London march, called by the TUC, assembled from 11am along Victoria Embankment from Embankment Tube Station towards Temple Tube station. It moved off at noon, and marched via Northumberland Avenue, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly to Hyde Park for a rally saying Britain Needs A Pay Rise.

The Glasgow march, called by STUC, assembled at 10am in Glasgow Green and moved off at 10.30am for a Rally in George Square to say it is time to create a just Scotland.

The Belfast march, called by ICTU, assembled at 12pm in Writer’s Square, Belfast and moved off at 12.45pm calling for a pay rise for all.

Paul Kenny, GMB General Secretary, said “People are currently facing the biggest squeeze on their incomes since Victorian times, and wages have fallen in real terms every year since 2010.

The economic recovery has a long way to go as even with strong growth this year GDP per head will be still 3% below 2007 levels. This is the root cause of the value of earnings being down by 14% in real terms.  Living standards of GMB members continue to decline, because of increased housing costs, childcare, food and utility bills. Members have faced imposed pay freezes, or derisory pay offers which do not bring earnings up to the levels that were lost during this long running recession.

Wealth and income inequality in the UK is now once again at pre WW1 levels. The divide in society has never been wider and we are seeing a return to the days of the workhouse with food banks becoming the soup kitchen.

All workers expect is a fair days pay for a fair days, which provides respect and dignity for them and their families. This is not a lot to ask or expect it is a basic right.  To tackle this we need action for both short and longer term. The minimum wage should rise, the public sector pay cap should go and a living wage should be mandatory.

To achieve this we need a Labour Government committed to pursue a sustainable economic recovery, not one based on political ideology, to boost incomes and reduce insecurity for workers and their families.”