British Gas - Why You Should Vote ‘YES’ to Indistrial Action

9 Mar 2010

It’s clear the company has attempted, in some cases successfully, to ride roughshod over agreements and established working practices. Many members are undoubtedly fed up with the increasing pressure of work and conflicting demands from management. The company is already briefing out their propaganda. The national trade union representatives hope that members can see through this further attempt to undermine your faith in your Union. The decision to move to an industrial action ballot has not been taken lightly.  We are committed to trying to find a negotiated solution and will try our best to resolve the dispute before we have to take any action. Your national trade union representatives know that there has been an attempt to marginalise them and to undermine trade union organisation.  It seems the business does not like challenge from GMB representatives who dare to speak up on your behalf. The reason the company wants to undermine GMB is to make it easier to impose their agenda. 

It is vital that we show the company a strong united front by voting positively in support of industrial action. Please ensure you vote as soon as the ballot paper arrives. For a decent working future where you are treated with dignity and respect, support your national union representatives and vote YES to both questions on the ballot paper.

Gary Smith - GMB National Officer