Campaign Launched To Get £1 An Hour Increase For Local Government Workers

17 Oct 2013

The national local government employers have been written to with the claim put in formal terms as “A minimum increase of £1 an hour on scale point 5 to achieve the Living Wage and the same flat rate increase on all other scale points”.  I am pleased that this claim reflects the unanimous view of GMB lay delegates who met earlier this month.

A “£1 an hour” claim is equivalent to around 8% payroll cost and the employers will say they are planning to budget for much less.  That’s why we have submitted the claim now, before budgets are finalised.  Local authority staff have suffered 18% real terms pay cuts, most never got the £250 given to the rest of the public sector and have seen other terms and conditions attacked.  It’s high time staff got a decent pay rise to make up for some of those losses.  Another low pay year would be completely unacceptable.

But achieving a decent pay rise will need unions and members to campaign together – and getting non-members to join so that we take our message into every town hall and office and school and depot until it is heard.

GMB and the other TUs believe our justification for “£1 an hour” is strong and we will be asking everyone to take part in the campaign to achieve it.

Together we can win.
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