Closure of Monckton Coke Plant With Loss of 120 Jobs

27 Oct 2014

GMB responded to the news that the 130 year old coking plant in Royston near Barnsley faces closure in december 2014 with the loss of 120 jobs.

Consultations on the closure of this plant are due to end on 11th December and the plant is expected to close soon after that says GMB.

Steve Morris, GMB Regional Officer, said “GMB was informed today (27th October) that the company have started consultations on the closure of this plant. The consultation is due to end on 11th December and I expect the plant to close soon after that. The shop stewards have been expecting this news as the plant is linked to a coalfield that no longer exists.
This is a sad day. It marks the final nail in the coffin of the coal industry in Yorkshire.”