Council Workers in England & Wales Will Receive Back Pay in November or December Pay Packets

20 Nov 2008

The Local Government employers have now agreed to GMB’s request that the final 2008 offer of 2.45% (plus £100 on SCPs 4, 5 and 6) will be implemented and back pay from April 2008 will go in to the November or December’s pay packet for 1.7 million local authority workers in England Wales and Northern Ireland. This is while the trade unions, the employers and ACAS are finalising the terms to reference for the 2008 pay award to arbitration.

A National Joint Council (NJC) Trade Union side meeting of the three local government unions agreed draft terms of reference for arbitration that ACAS had put forward to resolve the 2008 pay dispute.

Brian Strutton, GMB National Secretary said, “The Trades Unions are ready for ACAS arbitration to settle pay for council workers in England , Wales and Northern Ireland for 2008 and we call on the employers to sign off the terms of reference as the unions have done.

The Trades Unions will now develop a formal claim for a one year deal for 2009. We will submit it as soon as possible. This will relate to pay only and will be for an across-the-board pay increase of at least the level of retail price inflation with additional increases for the lower paid.

Councils are setting their budgets now and we need to get the message to them that they need to allow for better pay rises than they have been doing. GMB will be writing to all local authorities asking them to set at least cost of living pay increases for their staff in their budgets for 2009.

GMB believes that every Council can afford this without exception. GMB give notice that we expect at least cost of living pay rises. It’s now up to each employer to ensure they allow for this in 2009 and live up to their promise to be “employers of choice.”