Employers Lose The Plot

8 Jul 2014

On 4th July we issued a bulletin saying that the TUs had asked for last minute talks with council leaders to try to avert Thursday’s mass strike.  I believe that’s the responsible thing to do.  They have not answered our request but instead the national employers yesterday wrote to all council Chief Executives, bizarrely accusing GMB of seeking to reopen negotiations. As if we shouldn’t!  I can only presume this means they will not even meet us and are happy for the strike to go ahead.

I think it can honestly be said that GMB has tried everything possible to find a peaceful resolution to our pay dispute, as our members would expect.  It is equally clear that the national employers and council leaders continue to treat us with complete disdain.  That’s why our strike on Thursday is so important.  That’s also why when there are complaints about the disruption Thursday’s mass strike will cause, I hope the blame is pointed fairly and squarely at those responsible; the national employers and council leaders. 

Thursday 10 July is our day to stand up and demand respect.

Brian Strutton
National Secretary – Public Services