Engineering Construction Employers Urged To Offer Pay Rise At September Meeting

20 Aug 2009

GMB today made a comment on the joint statement that was issued yesterday following talks in London in the Engineering Construction Industry. This is the text of the joint statement;

“This is a statement from the NJC - The National Joint Council for the Engineering and Construction Industry


On Wednesday 19th August, representatives of the Employers and Trades Unions party to the NAECI met for the sixth time to consider the NECC claim for a review of Terms and Conditions of Employment, effective 2010.

Again, the Employers made it clear that it was their intention to agree a package and not agree on items in isolation. More good progress was made on the six points of discussion regarding NAECI textual changes.  Four were agreed, with the remaining two agreed in principle, and set aside to be incorporated into an offer once discussion on the NAECI pay rates have been successfully completed.

The parties undertook to commence discussion on pay rates at a further meeting arranged for Friday, 4th September 2009.”

Phil Davies GMB National Secretary, commenting on the negotiations, said” Progress has been made on a number of issues. The principle of pre-award auditing has been agreed. More work is needed on the skills register in the context of an agreement to credential competences and skills. However there is still the outstanding issue of a pay rise for 2010. The GMB strike ballot will continue and the result will be available early next month. It is in the hands of the employers to look realistically at making a reasonable pay rise for 2010. This is not an industry that has suffered recession. The clients are making record profits and they can afford to pay a decent pay rise. The next meeting on 4th September has to resolve this matter to avert a stoppage”