Engineering Construction Workers Accept 7.7% Pay Deal

29 Nov 2012

GMB members have voted to accept the final offer from the Engineering Construction Employers Association to increase pay rates in the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry “NAECI” of 7.7% over three years from Monday 7th Jan 2013. The increase is pro-rata through all the grades, including apprentices. In year one from 7th Jan 2013 the increase is 2%, is 2.3% in year two from 6th January 2014 and 3.4% in the third year from 5th January to the end of 2015.

The basic hourly rate for a craft worker will increase to £15.25 in 2013, £15.60 in 2014 and £16.10 in 2015. This rate is for skilled trades like welders, platers, pipe fitters, steel erectors, mechanical fitters, thermal insulation engineers, scaffolders and electricians.

There are changes to other benefits which the employers final offer such as 10 days for bereavement leave and better terms for redundancy plus uprating of travel and lodging allowances etc.

Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Lead organiser for construction, said “GMB engineering construction membership had a very hard decision to make in what are very lean times and they have made a collective decision to accept the deal. With publication today of the Energy Bill these are the skilled workers the nation will rely on to build our new generation of power stations.

For industrial stability it is essential that all employers recognize the necessity of the universal usage of the national agreement by all employers on all engineering construction sites like new power station sites. There can be no further attempts to undermine it as happened at Lindsey and if there are these will be firmly resisted.

The Gibson report said 55,000 workers were covered by this agreement across the UK.  When all the projects in the pipeline come on stream this number will be exceeded. That is why we also need a step change in the number of apprentices to maintain the skill base.”

Contact: Phil Whitehurst, GMB National Organiser on 07968 338810