European Day Of Action and Solidarity - 14th November 2012

9 Nov 2012

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) has agreed to launch a campaign against austerity and for growth and workers’ rights, in line with the TUC campaign for a Future that Works. As a precursor, the ETUC Executive Committee has called a day of action on Wednesday 14 November for jobs and solidarity, and against austerity. The documents below set out details of the ETUC’s overall campaign, and proposals for what could be done for 14 November in the UK, in the context of the TUC’s Future that Works campaign and the 20 October demonstrations in Belfast, Glasgow and London.

14 November Day of Action
As an early taste of campaigning at European level, the ETUC Executive Committee of 17 and 18 October 2012 called for a European day of action and solidarity on 14 November 2012 to mobilise the trade union movement behind the claims expressed in the Social Compact for Europe. The ETUC Executive Committee adopted a statement for the day which is also attached, including policy demands fully in line with TUC policy. The ETUC has called for solidarity with trade unions in the worst affected countries, and has asked trade unions across Europe to take initiatives on 14 November.

ETUC Campaign Against Austerity.pdf
A Social Compact For Europe.pdf
Austerity Doesn’t Work.pdf
Europe Against Austerity Flyer.pdf
Austerity In Greece.pdf
Austerity In Spain.pdf