Fair Pint Focuses Beer Tie Debate On Europe

27 Oct 2009

Europe’s competition department, Directorate General Competition, is studying the beer tie as it re-examines the Block Exemptions that grant some commercial agreements, including the tie, an opt-out from competition law. Last week, the OFT said it would take no further action on the tie because it didn’t raise competition concerns. DG Competition and the OFT both have the same remit but Fair Pint hopes Europe will take a different view. Fair Pint has arranged a meeting, facilitated by the GMB Union, with DG Competition officials and MEPs in Brussels on Tuesday 17 November,

Fair Pint spokesman Steve Corbett said the OFT report, “...doesn’t affect anything. We will carry on down the same track. It’s full steam ahead.”

Fair Pint and GMB representatives previously met DG Competition to discuss the tie in September.

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