Future Management of Sheffield Council Housing

21 Feb 2012

Communication from Cllr Harry Harpham (Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration) and Richard Webb (Executive Director, Sheffield City Council)
The future management of Council housing in Sheffield
We wrote to you in October 2011 to introduce the Future of Council Housing project and laid out the consultation work we would be doing with tenants and leaseholders.  We are now updating you on the progress of this project, and confirming the recommendation that will be presented to the Council’s Cabinet in March 2012. 
The Management Agreement between Sheffield City Council and Sheffield Homes, the Council’s Arms Length Management Organisation (ALMO) expires on 31 March 2014. 
Councillors looked at what the future arrangements could be after March 2014.  They considered two different options: managing Council housing through an ALMO or directly by the Council.
The ballot
Throughout November to the end of January, consultation has been carried out with tenants, leaseholders and other key stakeholders.  This was followed by a tenant ballot in January and February. 
The ballot closed on the 10 February.  We now have the results – this is how tenants voted:
I would like my home to be managed
Directly by the Council   Votes: 23,249
By an ALMO Votes: 3,116
TURNOUT: 55.2%

What does this mean?
These results show that:
•    Over half of all tenants in Sheffield took part in the ballot.  The turnout was 55.2%.
•    Of the tenants who did take part in the ballot, almost 9 out of 10 voted to have their home managed directly by the council in the future.
Councillor Harry Harpham, Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration will announce these results with a letter being sent to all tenants, and a briefing being provided to the media. 
Next steps
The ballot results and consultation responses will be presented to Cabinet on Wednesday 21st March 2012 where the decision will be formalised. 
After Easter, work will start with tenants, leaseholders, staff, Trade Unions and other stakeholders to begin to develop a new housing service.
More information will follow.  In the meantime, if you have any general queries about the project you can contact the Council’s project team at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
With best regards
Harry Harpham           Richard Webb
Cllr Harry Harpham Richard Webb
Cabinet Member for Homes and Regeneration Executive Director, Communities