G4S Cash in Transit Driver Wins Appeal

10 Jun 2010

A GMB member from London, employed by G4S as a driver of a security cash vehicle, has won his appeal against conviction and sentence for parking his vehicle on double yellow lines at Kings Cross Station. The appeal took place at Southwark Crown Court and started on 28th May 2010.

The G4S driver was summonsed to appear at City of Westminster Court last year for an allegation of unlawfully parking his G4S vehicle on the precinct at Kings Cross station. The driver was also accused of assaulting a British Transport officer during the interaction with British Transport Police officers at Kings Cross at the time of the alleged incident. GMB maintained that the actions of the police that day was tantamount to an assault on our member, rather than the other way round, as he was making a collection in excess of £20,000 from the GNER offices at the station at the time. The driver was originally found guilty of assault and of the parking offence at his trial in November 2009. GMB advised that he should appeal against both his conviction and the sentence, as in the unions opinion the conviction was erroneous and if left to stand would have implications concerning his registration with the SIA. The case was listed for a full one day appeal hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 28th May 2010 and the verdict was handed down yesterday. This is the second case of a GMB member being acquitted for this offence as another member was acquitted recently of the same charge.

Paul Meddes, GMB Regional Officer for the security industry said “It is my view that the case was never properly understood by the District Judge at the original trial. There was a lack of understanding of hazards of criminal attacks on vans delivering and picking up cash to supermarkets and banks and the need to get the vehicle as close as possible to the pickup or drop off points. I am pleased to say that, following detailed representations by GMB to the Crown Advocate and the disclosure of various documents, the Crown Prosecution Service told us that they were not intending to oppose the appeal. The new information they looked at involved materials from GMB on the national campaign to stop the numerous criminal attacks on vehicles carrying cash and valuable and the risks run by drivers to their lives and limbs.In addition the original application for further disclosure of documents from the prosecution, regarding the alledged assault,  was rejected by the District Judge. Had this been granted then the outcome at trial would have probably been different.  Members employed in this industry need the support of the police and the courts not hassle from them. As a consequence our members appeal was allowed and his conviction set aside.  In addition he was awarded a costs order in his favour and so his legal fees will be paid from central funds. The member is extremely grateful to the support he received from the GMB and very happy with the outcome especially as there will be no danger of him losing his Security Industry licence or his job. This was the second of this type of case that GMB has taken regarding parking and GMB are pleased to be able to keep up our success rate in securing less risk for our members in this dangerous industry.”