GMB Calls on Government

18 Dec 2008

18th December 2008

GMB Calls On Government To Bring Forward The Setting Up Of Promised National Negotiating Body For School Support Staff

GMB welcomes a new study which shows growth in the number of school support staff

Brain Strutton, GMB National Secretary for school support staff said, “GMB welcomes the new study which shows a growth in the numbers of school support staff. GMB also welcomes the Government’s assurance that the many teaching assistants are not ‘teachers on the cheap’ but real support of the teaching staff.

Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Schools promised in September to set up a national negotiating body which would recognise the need to reward the support staff for the highly valuable work that they do. GMB calls on the Government to bring forward the day when new body is established and starts work. There’s no point saying how wonderful school support staff are if the Government isn’t prepared to take the action to treat them fairly.”