GMB Calls On Yorkshire Ambulance Service To End Staff Shortages

1 Mar 2010

GMB members who work for the Yorkshire Ambulance Service say that they are under constant, conflicting pressures when they get to work. They are under pressure to get their vehicles out on the road as soon as they start their shifts. This means that they have to disregard the standards that they are required to adhere to by their Regulator the Health Professions Council (HPC). They are required to make sure that their vehicle is road worthy and stocked with a full supply of drugs and equipment before they leave the ambulance base. These conflicting pressures, to leave the base immediately and without being given time to do these vital checks, mean that the management is potentially putting the patients and the paramedic staff at risk.

Jon Smith, GMB Organiser said, “The shortage of staff at Yorkshire Ambulance Service means that the management is running the service by an over reliance on overtime and by placing conflicting demands on the workforce. The highly professional and dedicated GMB members who work for Yorkshire Ambulance Service are coming under severe pressure from the management to cut corners on vital checks before they take their vehicles out of the base. They are being virtually forced to work many hours of overtime which contributes to the need for haste to get the vehicles out once they come on shift. GMB is calling on the service management to invest in more staff and relieve the pressure on the existing staff and enable them to carry out their work properly and fulfil their professional obligations to their patients and their professional body.”