GMB Cleaners At Sheffield Park Academy To Strike

30 Oct 2013

Please help to publicise the next battle in our fight for the Living Wage in Sheffield.

GMB cleaners at Sheffield Park Academy will be on strike on November 6th (next Wednesday) to fight for the living wage. They were out-sourced by United Learning Trust to Ocean earlier in the year, some are of the opinion that this was to avoid paying the living wage. Now Ocean, their new employer, won’t even discuss paying this rate of pay and are striving at every opportunity to get more and more from these workers for less and less. The current rate of pay for cleaners at Park is 1p above the minimum wage. (NMW is £6.31ph for adults over 21)

Please join these women in their fight by coming along to our GMB gazebo outside Sheffield Town Hall on November 6th at 12:00 noon and sign our living wage petition. The cleaners will be putting questions to a full council meeting at 2pm and asking what Sheffield City Council are doing to encourage all schools and out-sourced partners to pay the Living Wage in Sheffield. So far, and almost a year since the council announced the living wage as a policy in Sheffield, there has been some approval and support from elected members for this GMB campaign in out-sourced services and schools. We have had some notable success (Veolia, Amey, Norse, Enterprise and Green Co for example) but meanwhile most council officers and partners continue to find solutions to avoid paying up.

It’s time to demand a living wage for the lowest paid workers in all schools and the public sector and our councillors, all of them, need to come off the side lines and join the GMB fight for a fair day’s pay, especially when they themselves are the paymasters.

Pete Davies