GMB Comment On 12.5% Cuts At Yorkshire Ambulance Service

21 Jun 2010

GMB today called on the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust to come clean on rumours that the £200 million annual budget faces cuts of up to £75 million over the next 3 years. The rumours of cuts backs are being given credence as paramedic training in the Trust is being scaled back. GMB members employed in Yorkshire Ambulance Service Trust are not happy regarding recent cut backs in the technician to paramedic training around the recent cancellation of Institute of Health Care Development training places.

Jon Smith, GMB officer for Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said “YAS need to come clean on the speculation about £70 million cuts and on why paramedic training is being cut back.  GMB members have put a lot of time and effort into passing the entrance exam only to be told that courses have been cancelled and there is a good chance they will be ‘out of ticket’ before the next course. GMB members want the union to enter into discussions with the Trust to try to firstly get to grips on what the actual figure is that is to be cut from the service and how this will effect the future of the service. GMB also wants to know why the trust has chose in the first instance to cancel the paramedics training. This in itself only puts more pressure onto the staff and could put the lives at risk of the general public if their is a short fall in trained paramedics. Many members are not happy that financial pressures should be put in front of their professional development especially when this is an agreed 5 year training programme. They want to see a practical alternative developed for the mutual benefit of YAS and our members.”