GMB Concern At Impact Of £2 Million Overspend At Barnsley Hospital

9 Mar 2010

Joan Keane, GMB officer for members in the NHS in Yorkshire said “We learn with alarm, but with no surprise, of the two million pound overspend on the theatres and surgical department. It gives me no pleasure to say we warned management this would happen. Management were told quite clearly over 2 years ago that the workforce strategy they were then introducing was flawed and would cause disruption to services and would bring instability and job insecurity. Staff are not able to deliver a service of excellence to the public when management put in place a flawed strategy that reduces staffing levels to the bare minimum. This leads to staff often having to work extra shifts to ensure safe staffing levels. Add to this the downgrading of health staff that was part of the strategy. It is no surprise the outcome is exhaustion and stress which causes ill-health as a result. Staff cannot be held responsible for these bad management decisions nor can they be held responsible for the increase in sickness levels. The increase is due in the main to the tremendous pressures placed upon staff as a result of the wrong workforce strategy put in place on theatres over 2 years ago.

The staff at Barnsley Hospital work incredibly hard and they will bear the burden over mis-management. I must question managers being on gardening leave and the cost implication of this. I applaud all of the work being done by GMB members and all the staff at Barnsley Hospital who do not deserve to find themselves in this situation. GMB will work with the Trust to put things right, but not at the cost of services to the people of Barnsley and the jobs of our members that serve them.”