GMB Congress 2013: Why is Class such an important GMB investment?

7 May 2013

Britain faces a ‘death spiral of self-defeating austerity’, according to Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman.

That’s why Class, a new high-profile think-tank co-founded by the GMB, Unite the Union and the Institute of Employment Rights, and backed by a growing number of trade unions, is developing policies on a wide-range of areas, such as inequality, welfare, housing and employment, as well as pushing an economic agenda to counter the Coalition Government’s austerity programme and its injustices.

With Class, the GMB is pushing the political agenda back on the side of working people and policymakers are finally starting to take note of the strong evidence behind the issues that matter to us.  Delegates at the fringe meeting will hear the challenging ideas we’re going to push in the months ahead and our plans to transform the debate.

Speakers include:

Owen Jones - Independent columnist and Policy and Media Advisor to Class
Dave Noble - Yorkshire and North Derbyshire GMB Regional President
Tim Roache - Yorkshire and North Derbyshire GMB Regional Secretary, the elected Chair of the Yorkshire and the Humber Regional TUC and elected President of Class
Hilary Wainwright - Co-editor of Red Pepper magazine and a member of Class’s National Advisory Panel