GMB Eyes Pub Rent Strikes

10 Nov 2009

GMB national officer Paul Maloney said: “GMB and the Pub Revolution agreed to work together to further this trade dispute towards an initial negotiated settlement to alleviate the economic hardship and injustice facing tied tenants. As a first step it was agreed that members of the Pub Revolution will become members of GMB. They will join up with tied tenants already members of the union in autonomous pub revolution branches to be run by tied tenants. It was also agreed that members of the UK National Committee of the Pub Revolution will be the senior lay postholders in the initial GMB pub revolution branch.”

He added: “It was agreed that, in furtherance of the trade dispute in the industry, GMB will organise a nationwide official ballot to seek a mandate for official industrial action by tied tenant members in the industry. The aim of the action by the tied tenants is to secure negotiation with pubcos to achieve very substantial cuts in wholesale prices and a resolution to a wide range of grievances experienced by the tied tenants at the hands of the pubcos middle managers and their agents.”

He promised “immediate consultation with members on what form the industrial action should take if members vote to give a mandate for action and when the action should happen. It was agreed to look at action that would, where possible, seek to involve the support of pub customers.”

A press release from the GMB quotes a Pub Revolution “source” saying: “This alliance with GMB is undoubtedly the biggest news this trade has seen since the Beer Orders 1989, and will have an historical impact on the future of the industry.

“We believe that The Pub Revolution is capable of bringing enough of the UK’s tied tenants to the GMB under the same umbrella.

“We will be able to retain our identity and autonomy as a powerful organized body within the GMB‘s democratic structures.

“We will be able to bridge the inequality of bargaining power between pubcos and lessees and force the pubcos to negotiate and offer us a fair deal. When we have a ballot for action our leaders will make themselves known.”

Source: Morning Advertiser - 9/11/09