GMB in Bid To Save Threatened Historical Landmark

21 Apr 2010

Leeds market traders will present their concerns to the full council meeting held at Leeds Civic Hall on the 21 April 2010 at 1.30 pm
The GMB union which represents over 7,000 workers employed by Leeds City Council as well as 1,000 private hire drivers under Leeds Licensing Authority has organised a meeting for the traders from Leeds Market on Tuesday 20th April 2010 where a joint campaign strategy will be finalised to save the threatened market.

Issues that concern the traders include: high rents and service charges, increasing number of empty stalls, high price of adjacent parking and a lack of returned investment causing the area to be run down.
The traders will make their presentation to the full council meeting at around 1.30 pm and a debate between all the parties will take place at 4.30 pm.
GMB Organiser Rachel Dix said “It is a disgrace the way the traders have been treated by the present Tory/Liberal alliance in Leeds; they have plundered the extortionate rents and service charges paid by the traders and given very little back in terms of investment. Their lack of involvement is forcing stalls to close and many fear that long term lack of investment to the fixtures and fittings of the market will lead to its closure and the selling off of valuable city centre land.”
Liz Laughton, a leading light from Leeds market traders set out their aims, she said “We want the market to survive, to do that it has to improve while retaining its character and purpose. The market has got to remain affordable and culturally diverse. Many people need the products that only the market stalls are able to provide at prices that they can afford.  In order to maintain this service we need fair rents and a say in how the market is run.”
Contact: Rachel Dix, GMB Organiser on 07958 156839 or Bill Chard, GMB Organiser on 07958 156838 or Liz Laughton on 07946 526040.