GMB In Support Of Swine Flu Vaccination For Eligible Frontline Social Care Workers

9 Jan 2010

Sharon Holder, GMB National officer told GMB members who are care workers that “The millions of people who benefit from the care and support that social care workers provide day in, day out see you as one of their most important assets and we are committed to protecting you and your families during the current swine flu pandemic. Many of the people you care for and support could become seriously ill if they catch swine flu. We fully support the swine flu vaccination programme. It will reduce the risk to staff, protect their colleagues, families and those they care for and support and help sustain services during the pandemic. The vaccination programme covers councils’ directly managed eligible frontline social care workers, as well as eligible independent sector workers and personal assistants to people receiving direct payments. It’s important that staff can make an informed decision about the vaccination and social care organisations will provide you with information to enable you to do this. The vaccine has been thoroughly tested and is entirely voluntary. We call on social care organisations to ensure that all eligible staff are given suitable and reasonable access to the vaccination during working hours to protect themselves, their families and those they care for and support from swine flu. While we recognise that the decision to be vaccinated is a personal matter, we encourage staff to protect themselves with the swine flu vaccine, in addition to the seasonal flu immunisation. It is your best defence against flu this winter.”