GMB Leeds support People United to help build the ‘People’s Manifesto’

30 Jun 2013

From London to Manchester this summer the People United bus will criss-cross England to help ordinary people change Britain for the better.  Two chartered People United buses set off around the country on a two week tour, which started in London from the People’s Assembly at Central Hall Westminster on 22 June and will end on 5 July at Trafford hospital - the birthplace of the NHS - with a party to celebrate the 65th birthday of the now at risk National Health Service.

People across the country are struggling at the moment – so the People United will be offering free advice and information on local campaigns. It will not all be hard work, with fun promised too, members of the public can post their messages on to the prime minister, spin the NHS wheel of (mis)fortune and tweet their ideas for their street.

The country is being run by an out of touch government. That’s why People United – a coalition of unions dedicated to working with communities – is shaking things up. People United wants the people of Britain to help build the People’s Manifesto. Help share ideas for getting people back into work, boosting wages, improving local housing and the local community as well as protecting our NHS.

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