GMB Local Government Members Vote To Accept 1% Pay Offer

3 Jul 2013

GMB members whose pay is set by the local government NJC including councils, schools and many contractors, have voted in favour of accepting the employers pay offer.  This was for a 1% increase to all pay points from 1 April 2013 and the removal of the lowest national spinal column point from 1 October 2013 which means an extra increase for the very lowest paid.

The ballot was a secret postal vote and of the votes cast 91.2% were in favour of acceptance with 8.8% to reject.  GMB will now notify the employers of this decision by our members.

Unison members have also voted to accept and when we have the decision from Unite the pay increase can be implemented with back pay to 1 April.  We will let you know when the official notification goes to councils so that you will know when the money will be paid.

Thank you to all GMB members who took the time to vote.  We will soon be starting the campaign for next year when I hope there will be something more meaningful on the table from the employers.  It’s up to us all to work together to make sure it is.