GMB Marched For the Alternative – 26th March 2011

28 Mar 2011

Organised by the TUC, protestors came in over 600 coaches, hired trains, cars and on foot from across the UK representing every part of society.
Gathering on Victoria Embankment, with an electric atmosphere and the deafening sounds of vuvuzelas, the march commenced at 11.45am, moving steadily through the streets to the beat of drums from the many bands dotted throughout the procession.

The march made its way to Hyde Park to listen to an array of speakers that included Ed Milliband and Brendan Barber. For those at the back it took almost 4½ hours to get into Hyde Park.
It is clear from the half a million people that took to the streets to protest at the economic and social policies of this government that they want alternatives to unemployment, cuts in health, education and public services.

Large sections of private sector employment is driven by public spending demands, so damage to employment at all levels is being created by these policies.  The government claims it has no choice?  But how about closing tax loopholes, taxing banks and bankers’ bonuses as a start before attacking working families, pensioners and the disabled.

Quote of the day: “I’m not very political; I’m just a Mum who is marching for my children and their future.”