GMB Marches For A Future That Works

5 Nov 2012

October 20 saw tens of thousands of people from across the UK head to London for A Future That Works - a march which started on the Embankment and ended with a rally in Hyde Park. Hundreds of GMB members from Yorkshire & North Derbyshire took part in the event. 

The day was organised by the TUC in protest against the government’s austerity measures and called for a new approach which puts growth and an economy that works for ordinary families at the heart of government policy. 

Speaking at the rally, TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said:  ‘It is fantastic to see so many people here today from every part of our community, all utterly determined to build a better, fairer future for our country. We have a stark and united message for the government, austerity isn’t working. It is hitting our jobs, our services, our living standards. It is hammering the poorest and the most vulnerable and austerity is failing even on its own terms, for this is a government of broken promises.